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The NAIH recognises the work of the following organisations

Register of Play Inspectors International Association of Inflatable Manufacturers, Operators, Designers and Suppliers CEOP - Report Internet incidents involving children The Inflatable Play Enterprise

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The UK’s only dedicated Trade Association for

owners and operators of inflatable play equipment.

Mission Statement

The NAIH is committed to:

The National Association of Inflatable Hirers aims to promote the highest standards of professional practice, responsibility, safety and ethics within the inflatable play industry. All members of the National Association of Inflatable Hirers are required to endorse and affirm the Code of Conduct and uphold the standards laid down in the Code of Practice

The NAIH exists to:

The NAIH, unlike it’s competitors,  requires tough criteria to be met before approving membership and enforces the strict Code of Conduct on its members.

Organisations and individuals using NAIH members for their events

will know that they are using safe operators and safe equipment.

Code of Practice


Members of the National Association of Inflatable Hirers shall, at all times, uphold the good standing and reputation of the National Association of Inflatable Hirers and in fulfilling their daily responsibilities shall:


1. comply with all statutory and other legal requirements of the country in which they work

2. ensure the health and safety and well being of all employees

3. ensure that the health and safety of participants using the inflatable devices is paramount

4. only allow the use of inflatable play equipment in safe locations and as per BS EN 14960,

the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, Provision ad Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998

5. only allow the use of inflatable devices that have a current annual test certificate tested to BS EN  14960

6. only allow the use of electrical equipment that carries a current Portable Appliance Test (PAT)

7. ensure that all equipment is installed correctly as per BS EN 14960:2006, the Manufacturers/Suppliers instructions or any other relevant Standard/Regulation

8. ensure that supervisors are fully aware of the safe operation of the unit they are supervising. For dry hire ensure that the client is furnished with a full set of written operating instructions

9. ensure that they have sufficient third party Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance. Manufacturers and Suppliers must also ensure that they have Product Indemnity Insurance.

10. always conduct themselves in such a way as are appropriate for gaining the respect of the general public, their clients, their employers, their employees and other organizations with whom they come into contact

11. uphold the reputation of the National Association of Inflatable Hirers and refrain from acting in any way likely to bring the National Association of Inflatable Hirers into disrepute. All members of National Association of Inflatable Hirers shall actively promote the interests and reputation the National Association of Inflatable Hirers.

12. report any alleged breach of the Code of Conduct  to the National Association of Inflatable Hirers. There will then be an investigation to determine if there is a case to answer.  If there is a case the complaint will be considered by a Disciplinary Panel, in accordance with the National Association of Inflatable Hirers Disciplinary Procedure. The respondent will have a right of appeal to an Appeal Panel.

13. ensure that all staff are trained to follow the NAIH General Instruction and Operating Manual For Inflatable Play Equipment

Booking the services of an NAIH Approved Member will give you satisfaction and peace of mind

that you are booking a company that follows the strictest safety guidelines available and

operates to the highest standard within the inflatable play sector.

You can find the latest list of companies that have been approved for membership here

NAIH makes Information Sheet 49 available to all operators

Information Sheet 49 gives all the facts relating to safe operation of inflatable play equipment

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